A quick update about the Situation in Constitution

update Friday March 5 – help is arriving – but not yet to the remote locations
update Freitag Maerz 5 – Die Hilfe kommt jedoch noch nicht in die schwerer zu erreichenden Doerfer

Post in English and German – English below the German:

Ein Freund von mir hat mich eben aus Constitution / Chile angerufen. Er ist ein unabhaengiger Journalist fuer Britische Medien.

Er hat berichtet dass die Situation sehr schlimm ist. Ueberall der Geruch von Leichen kein Wasser, keine Lebensmittel und bisher laut seinem Bericht keine Hilfe. In der Naehe vom Meer sind alle Gebaeude zerstoert.

Meine eingehende Bitte an alle die diese Zeilen lesen. Spenden Sie jetzt fuer Chile!!!!

I just received a phone call from a friend of mine who is in Constitution at this moment. He is a freelance journalist. It was only a 45 second call but he was describing the situation down there as dreadful.

There are dead bodies still in houses. Everywhere is the smell of dead bodies. People do not have food nor water. I asked him if he already saw some aid organisations and his answer was no.

I beg everybody to help. Now is the best time. Fortunately the International Company my wife works for will double anything we donate and we will make use of it. If you are in Chile Clare has made a list in Spanish of what you can do and Leigh has translated it in to English.

Please help now. If you are abroad my suggestion is to donate to the Red Cross as they are one of the most important Charities in Chile.

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