Living "English Speaking" in Santiago

Last week I went to Flannery’s an Irish Pub in Santiago to celebrate a friends Stag night. I had way too many beers but a great time. By the way if anyone from Flannery’s is reading this. An Irish Pub needs to serve Guiness – not just advertise it.

I had one AHA Moment there – it seems there are tons and tons of foreigners here that choose not to learn or speak Spanish but live in Santiago for years, even start families with kids. Now that got me thinking. Is it plain ignorant? I definitely don’t like it.

Saying this 😉 I am struggling myself… I have been here now since October 2008 and my best friends still prefer speaking English to me. Until about a week ago – when I met all these "non integrators" I was happy about that. The problem I have is that I work from home – in English and German, my wife is near native in English and I always preferred speaking English with her. Now since my eye opening evening we are starting to speak Spanish en nuestra Casa. It will take time to get used to but gut Ding braucht Weile.

Things have also changed. After living here one year I still got compliments for my good Spanish – but it has not improved since and now it’s been 18 months my Spanish certainly should be better and when people ask how long I have been living here I hardly receive any more compliments……

Mi, amor hablamos en Espanol?

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