Dogs at Homecenter Sodimac

Every Time I go to Sodimac Homecenter (DIY superstore) I feel pity for the dogs there. I ask myself if people buy them cause they feel sorry for them and so become part of the problem or if they just don’t give a……

There is a sign which says something a long the lines of: “why am i here? A vet is taking care of me. I am in a controlled environment, get a toy during the day and a blanket at night. Receive very good food and am behind glass so nobody feeds me bad food or touches me. I am here for about 30 days but you could take me home with you.

The dogs cost around 800 USD 600 EUR – if I paid that money for a dog I would want to see where they come from and were they spent their first weeks.

We would have never bought a dog in a hard ware store. If we would have purchased a dog we would have searched for a breeder, spoken to him, inspected how the dogs are kept etc..

However our dog just magically appeared when I was walking on the streets. It was a poor & shy 4 months old German Shepherd – the entire story soon. It helped getting one of the many “perros de la Calle” of the street. Other expats have done the same.

I have never seen dogs offered in a DIY store in Europe as I think (prove me wrong as not sure) that it is not allowed.

6 thoughts on “Dogs at Homecenter Sodimac

  1. It’s weird being able to buy a dog at a hardware store.
    It’s like you go around the store pushing the cart and making a mental note of what you need to buy…
    Hmm, I need some two inch nails, some masking tape, oh, and I might as well throw a dog in there too.

    I would love to have a dog though unfortunately we live in a small apartment. Should we ever live in a house, we’d definitely get a dog and it would most likely be one from the street and not a hardware store.

  2. This is so weird. I thought you had abandoned your blog because it never updated in my google reader! I only realized that you were still around because my blog dashboard tells me incoming links.

    Well this a pleasant surprise 🙂

    And yes, I think it’s weird to see that there are dogs in hardware stores! Street dogs are the best!

  3. @Rob
    I love the way you have written this.. Would have made a good line in my post….

    In San Carlos where we live it seems minimum every 2nd house has a dog… However you hardly see people walk their dogs. Dogs are more of a functional item here to protect the house or purchased for the kids who loose interest in them after the 5th week.

    I am known for abandoning my blog – often for months and then coming back for a few weeks only to do it again.. 😉 I specifically remembered you & Emily for picking up dogs from the streets because you both put so much emotion in writing about them…. & I loved the story of how you found Papito – My story is quite similar and I will share in the next few days.

  4. Marina

    I nearly died when I saw what is going on in Chile with respect to animals. Fortunately, there are many good animal lovers in chile doing everything they can to help the callejeritos. I personally have adopted (amadrinado) 4 callejeros and 7 cats. I live in Canada therefore I cannot enjoy them, but at least I’m doingsomething to help. Im found a refuge in a parcela and Im paying for the construction of caniles for them which btw will be long enough so that they can feel free. Their home will be super insulada and for next summer they will have a pozo (like a pool) so that they can play in the water. Andre, I’m glad that you brought up this subject about dogs being sold-people buying them, and people making money out of this when there are literally thousands without home. I’m also an expat

  5. andre

    hi marina,
    thanks for leaving a comment….

    wow you are having a pozo constructed for your dogs. awesome.

    now of course you made me curious
    do you frequently travel to chile? did you use to live here..?

  6. Marina

    Hi Andre, I was born and raised in Stgo. I moved to Canada in 1968. I do not get to chile often, but app 10 ago… I noticed this terrible problem. I wanted to do something and help but did not know how. It was when Ijoined the FB.. that I found out that there are other like minded people. I am very involved but I help now without people finding out, otherwise people get upset when you dont help to their direct work/cause. So I am working anonimously. Marina is not my name. And most people when you help them for their cause.. if you give $100..they want $1000…if you give $1000…they want $10,000. For such reason I am helping monetarily but in my own way.

    Are you an expat too? I’m glad to see how the new generation are becoming more and more involved. It seems to me that civilization is growing. Cheers !

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