Hello from Colorado Skiing

Being from the Austrian Mountains I LOVE skiing. When seeing ski pics in Summer (in Chile) I do sometimes get a little jealous even though summer is nicer anyway.

Today is the first time for me to ski in 2010 and the first time in Colorado. There are no waiting times probably as the prices are so extreme (30.000 CLP)

Since nobody in Chile uses winter tires for their cars every car has to put chains. They rent them for 10.000 CLP and put them on for another 5k CLP.

So skiing for sure is freaking expensive compared to the GDP but also in EUR terms compared to the mother of all ski resorts (Austria)

Here are some pics shot from my mobile. I might edit the post once at home to add more detail.

Me on the chairlift from where I am blogging this:

2 thoughts on “Hello from Colorado Skiing

  1. peter

    hi andre,

    wia gehts enk da tät.

    i han gsea dass du skiing warsch…

    schaut ganz guat aus,

    bei uns gehts oah brutal guat…

    lass mal wiedr was von dir höra,
    du lauser du

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