Paula Gourmet Parque Auracano

Just a quick post from my mobile. We have been at feria Paula Gourmet next to Parque Auraco on Saturday. Awesome… We wanted to go back Sunday to buy some delicates food & wine but were held back by the rain.

Saturday my wife browsed the stands a little while I sat in the grass & sun trying different types of wine. That’s life.

Yesterday (Sunday) we were lazy, went out to eat Peruvian food at Museo Peruano in Vitacura which I like a lot. The prices are very reasonable, food is great and on top of that you get 20 – 25 % (depending on how you pay) discount if you are with El Mercurio.

Friday we had a nice evening with our friends welcoming back Victor.

Now is Monday and I am back to work 😉 Oh and the rain…? I always said from beginning of November to End of April it never rains in Santiago. That’s because this is only my third November. It started pouring down on Sunday Morning and it has not stopped since. Not even for 1 Minute…. Hope nothing happens with land slides or floodings in Santiago.

Here are the photos from Paula Gourmet. All taken from my mobile.

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