Hi, my name is André and I am a 32-year-old Austrian who used to live in England. You can find more about me in my LinkedIn Profile here In November of 2007 I flew to Santiago to do a Spanish course. I did not speak more than 3 words of Spanish before coming here, stayed one month and found the love of my life. At first I was not sure as the distance is too big. However after speaking on the phone every single day and seeing her in the US, in Europe and in Mexico within the first year I knew she is very special. So I decided to follow my heart and live with her in Santiago. I came here on Sunday the 26th of October 2008. I used to write here before but used a different url http://n0comment.com so if you dig a little you will find some old posts of mine ranging from me having to start court action against a Telecoms company who would just not let me leave them right to some money saving tips. If you want to contact me please do so at by phone at my Cambridge (:)) number +44 1223 906032 or by filling out this form

BTW: If you find typos I invite you to let me know. First of all I am foreign and English is not my first language and secondly I do rush sometimes and make some ridiculous mistakes.