Chile is the FIRST country in the world to adopt Net Neutrality


The headline says it all. If you are a little tech interested you might have followed the discussion in the US where Verizon and Google have formed a contract framework giving power to the big wireless networks potentially allowing content creators to pay for preferential treatment. An example could be Google saying they will pay more to have faster service for YouTube or in the extreme case Verizon can say we will have an exclusive contract with a Hollywood studio but the movie is only distributed on “Verizonnet” (not the internet).

Obviously (and thankfully) there is a huge outcry asking if this is the end of the free and open internet. I oversimplified it as Google & Verizon came out with a joint press conference in which they claimed they wanted to protect the internet as it is but want the mobile web non regulated. For better and more in depth analysis go and read multiple stories here:

So what does that have to do with Chile?

Chile is the first country in the world which tells the Internet Service Providers (VTR, Telefonica etc….) that they have to treat every internet site the same. If you as a customer pay for 50GB it is not up to your Internet Service Provider to tell you what you can and cannot watch and which service will be faster or slower. Bravo Chile…. Way to go…. & Dear US & Rest of the world – Don’t let the “Do no evil company” and Verizon get away with pretending to be the all goods and do no harms & let the mobile internet be as open as the good old internet is….

Source covering Chiles Law (in Spanish)

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Meet Hundele

I had promised the story of Hundele (which means perrito in German).

Well Liz my wife always wanted a dog and I always said no, won’t work. We travel too much – we can’t and should not take on this responsibility. But after moving in our new lovely house I started to like the idea and would have liked to have a Golden Retriever. But who knows if we would have ever gotten a dog.

One day – I think it was the 19th of April I left my house for a late lunch break. I walked about 1,5 kilometers and on the way back I noticed something standing behind me. I turned round and saw a cute little Puppy German Shepherded mix. I did not touch the dog but said “Hallo Hundele” – Hello little dog which was enough for him to follow me. I noticed that the dog is following me so I turned round with him to see if I could find out where he comes from…… I could not.

Hundele followed me home. At home I was not 100% sure what to do but though, well lets give him some food and if he wants let him stay the knight. Tomorrow we will look for his real parents.

That is the first picture I sent to my wife from my phone on the day we found the dog:


The next day I printed posters to put on the trees near our home and set out to put them up with the really shy puppy who would not let us touch him (!) I was able to put a leash on him which my wife purchased the knight before. I asked her for it as I needed a way to handle this “guest”. I managed to get the leash on him but he would not walk. There was absolutely no chance he would walk. Hmmmmm. Well I could not (or did not want to) leave him inside the house and from the garden he could escape. So what did I do…? I carried him. He was so scared, so shy, so vulnerable. I talked to him, in English, in German and in Spanish – but one thing was consistent. I always called him “Hundele” which is why we kept the name.

I told my wife that this is not our dog and for sure someone will find him. Please don’t get attached to him. We went to the nearby Vet and asked him if someone had asked for a poor little German Shepherded. They searched their Computer since they have different branches in the zone but said – negative…. We asked for a quick check and the Vet told us that he really hopes we do not find the parents. (ouch..) He said I can see this dog has a better home with you. He is extremely shy and very dirty (mainly inside his ears).

After nobody replied to the notices at the vet, the posters in the streets, a call to Las Condes Security (which someone told us to do if you find a dog) and a few post in the world wide web we started to realize that Hundele was the new part of our family and we were extremely happy for this.

Since we knew he would one day be a big dog and we did not know anything of his past we wanted to train him and called a dog trainer. Hundele had six lessons in his first six weeks with us and I spent a lot of time with him – since I work from home and fell in love with him.

He is now a really good dog – see here a video we made of part of our training.

He is now part of our family. At first I said it was a garden dog only and he has no right to enter the house…. Guess what he is allowed to do now… Yes, you are right… he sleeps on top of our bed in the evenings and the mornings, not @ night though… 🙂

Here are some of my favourite pictures of him:


Hello from Colorado Skiing

Being from the Austrian Mountains I LOVE skiing. When seeing ski pics in Summer (in Chile) I do sometimes get a little jealous even though summer is nicer anyway.

Today is the first time for me to ski in 2010 and the first time in Colorado. There are no waiting times probably as the prices are so extreme (30.000 CLP)

Since nobody in Chile uses winter tires for their cars every car has to put chains. They rent them for 10.000 CLP and put them on for another 5k CLP.

So skiing for sure is freaking expensive compared to the GDP but also in EUR terms compared to the mother of all ski resorts (Austria)

Here are some pics shot from my mobile. I might edit the post once at home to add more detail.

Me on the chairlift from where I am blogging this:

Dogs at Homecenter Sodimac

Every Time I go to Sodimac Homecenter (DIY superstore) I feel pity for the dogs there. I ask myself if people buy them cause they feel sorry for them and so become part of the problem or if they just don’t give a……

There is a sign which says something a long the lines of: “why am i here? A vet is taking care of me. I am in a controlled environment, get a toy during the day and a blanket at night. Receive very good food and am behind glass so nobody feeds me bad food or touches me. I am here for about 30 days but you could take me home with you.

The dogs cost around 800 USD 600 EUR – if I paid that money for a dog I would want to see where they come from and were they spent their first weeks.

We would have never bought a dog in a hard ware store. If we would have purchased a dog we would have searched for a breeder, spoken to him, inspected how the dogs are kept etc..

However our dog just magically appeared when I was walking on the streets. It was a poor & shy 4 months old German Shepherd – the entire story soon. It helped getting one of the many “perros de la Calle” of the street. Other expats have done the same.

I have never seen dogs offered in a DIY store in Europe as I think (prove me wrong as not sure) that it is not allowed.

Living "English Speaking" in Santiago

Last week I went to Flannery’s an Irish Pub in Santiago to celebrate a friends Stag night. I had way too many beers but a great time. By the way if anyone from Flannery’s is reading this. An Irish Pub needs to serve Guiness – not just advertise it.

I had one AHA Moment there – it seems there are tons and tons of foreigners here that choose not to learn or speak Spanish but live in Santiago for years, even start families with kids. Now that got me thinking. Is it plain ignorant? I definitely don’t like it.

Saying this 😉 I am struggling myself… I have been here now since October 2008 and my best friends still prefer speaking English to me. Until about a week ago – when I met all these "non integrators" I was happy about that. The problem I have is that I work from home – in English and German, my wife is near native in English and I always preferred speaking English with her. Now since my eye opening evening we are starting to speak Spanish en nuestra Casa. It will take time to get used to but gut Ding braucht Weile.

Things have also changed. After living here one year I still got compliments for my good Spanish – but it has not improved since and now it’s been 18 months my Spanish certainly should be better and when people ask how long I have been living here I hardly receive any more compliments……

Mi, amor hablamos en Espanol?

Austrians are helping Chile – Thank you Danke an Oesterreich

Meldung in English – im Anschluss offener Brief auf Deutsch.

I have thought what can I do apart from donating money to Chile to help. When a friend of my wife who is Mexican joined the Facebook cause Canada helps Chile I thoght I would do the same and create a group where Austrians can help. Before I did that (a few days ago) I had been emailing my friends in Britain and my international friends (not the Austrian ones) links to the Red Cross asking to post them on their Facebook Profiles. From the about 50 friends I asked 3 posted something so the outcome was not that great 😦

Nevertheless I opened the Group asking Austrians to Unite for Chile. The Group Österreich hilft Chile has 72 Members * and that in lless then 3 days. DANKE OESTERREICHDANKE NASSEREITH (where quite a few of the members are from) DANKE Tirol & DANKE to some of my international friends some Austrian like Gerald who lives in Australia now or Jana, Christian (Germany), Isabelle (French woman in Spain), Alfredo (Chile) etc pp

The Chilean Embassy in Austria has opened an account and they are taking donations.

Here the letter to the Austrians that have joined the Group – The group is OPEN.

*updated March 7th 11 am Chile Time

Ich moechte mich im Namen der Chilenen in Not bedanken bei Euch dass Ihr dieser Gruppe beigetreten seid.

Ganz kurz zur Situation. Chile ist das laengste Land der Erde – laenger sogar als der Kontinent Europa – d.h. es gibt Regionen die das Erdbeben gar nicht gespuert haben. (Im Norden die trockenste Wueste der Welt und ganz im Sueden die Antarktis)

Santiago, die Hauptstadt in der ich lebe ist recht gut davon gekommen da es Erdbebensicher gebaut ist. Santiago hat ein Erdbeben der Staerke 8 gespuert. Auch in Santiago haben Leute das Dach ueberm Kopf verloren.

Die wahre Katastrophe ist jedoch etwa 350 kilometer suedlich von Chile am Epizentrum. Dort hat es doppelte Probleme gegeben. Einmal ein Erdbeben der Staerke 8.8 und zum zweiten eine Riessen Flutwelle welche wahnsinnig viel zerstoert hat. Es sind in etwa 1,5 Millionen Menschen ohne Dach ueber dem Kopf.

Hilfe ist langsam am anrollen.

Wein ist eines der wichtigsten Export Produkte fuer Chile und die wunderschoene Weingegend Colchagua hat es auch stark erwischt. In dieser Gegend kaempft keiner ums Ueberleben es hat nur ganz gewaltigen Sachschaeden gegeben.

Zu meiner persoenlichen Situation. Uns geht es hier in Santiago sehr gut. Wir leben im 8. Stock eines Hochhauses und hatten heute einen Architekten der die Struktur geprueft hat. Die Struktur ist sehr stabil. Wir sind zwar einerseits froh dass uns nichts passiert ist sind aber sehr mitgenommen vom Leid das wir sehen. Auch sind die Naechte sehr unruhig da wir staendig von Nachbeben geweckt werden. Es gab seit dem grossen Beben mehr als 100 Nachbeben der Staerke 5 oder hoeher.

Da ich sehr nahe an der Situation dran bin und es das Land ist das ich liebe (fast schon so sehr wie das wunderschoene Oesterreich) habe ich ca. 1 Monatsgehalt gespendet den die Firma meiner Frau verdoppelt hat.

Den Chilenen ist aber mit ein paar Euros auch schon geholfen. Die freuen sich schon ueber eine Spende von 5 Euro. Das ist ein Teil der bitter benoetigten Zelte oder medizinische Versorgung.

Wenn Ihr nicht spenden koennt dann ist es auch schon viel Wert Freunde zu dieser Gruppe einzuladen – ich hoffe dass wir auch im Osten Oesterreich bald Interesse finden.

Nochmals vielen lieben Dank im Namen der Notleidenden Chilenen.

Santiago de Chile

Botschaft Chile in Oesterreich Spendenkonto fuer Erdbebenopfer

KTO: 0052808522
BLZ: 12000
Bank Austria

PS: Das SpendenKonto wurde von der Chilenischen Botschaft in Wien eingerichtet.
PPS: Auch die Caritas nimmt Spenden entgegen.
Auszug aus einer Presse Meldung:
Die Caritas bittet um Spenden für die Erdbebenopfer in Chile.
Spendenkonto PSK 7.700.004, BLZ 60.000, Kennwort Erdbeben Chile.