Specialized – Buying a bycicle–The Chilean Way

Nice to be back Guiño
So my wife asks me what I want for Christmas. All I can think of is the bike I want to buy myself for a better and faster comute to work. I want the Sirrus Elite Carbon so since we don’t really separate much between my money and her money we decided it was a great idea.


We headed out to the top Specialized Concept Store and see the bike on display. Only problem is  the size doesn’t fit me. So I ask for one of the same models in L – listed as being sold in Chile. The nice sales person tells me that it is not available at the moment. Nowhere in Chile. So I ask when it will be available again. He says he didn’t know. I start pushing him. Well can I order it, he says no. So I say come on give me more info. He says call me in 2 weeks. We get more bikes in 2 weeks. I ask will it be available. “Puede ser que si, puede ser que no”. I say o.k. so if not – then what. Then he says there is another shipment in  3 months. I ask will this model be included? “Puede ser que si, puede ser que no”. “ He really CAN’T help me. He says that is the way Specialized operates. I just don’t believe it and call 2 more Specialized stores. Same story. Incredible. Because I really want this bike we visit this store after getting pretty much the same answer by phone. I just made the experience if you just use phone or email you don’t really exist. There are 3 employees there as I tell them I really want to buy the Sirrus Carbon in my size (.L) They say it is not available but at the end they take down my data. This was on December 20th. Not expecting a call back.

Next, I tweet the following to Specialized Global:


No response. Specialized REALLY does not want to sell bikes. Anyway I don’t give up right there. I find out the phone number of Specialized Chile. Goes straight to Voicemail (tried like 20 times in 4 days) so I decide to write to them. (21st of December) – still no answer on the 29th.


48 hours later I send an email to Specialized LATAM.

This was the 23rd of December. I know about Christmas and all that but they had 2 1/2 working days since the reminder and 5 1/2 days since the original mail to respond. I guess it is probably best to stay far far away from them which is sad as I really like the Sirrus.
Next up I will explain more about my comute to work Guiño It’s 16km each way and a altitude difference of 300 Meters.

Entel PCS / Spam calls, Spam text, Spam MMS

Before I changed the Domain name of this blog to andreinchile I used the blog a lot to rant about companies and services. See the “Bad Customer Service” Tag for more details. When I moved to Chile I thought these times are over and I tried to post positive things.

I resisted posting about Entel – the Chilean Business Mobile phone provider even though they pissed me off every day by sending me unwanted Spam and calling me with a Robot on the other side of the line asking me for Feedback or trying to sell me stuff.

Entel sent me at least one Spam message per day sometimes as many as three. I am a paying customer and hate this practice ! !

The frustrating part is that my Spanish is not yet sufficient to call them and tell them to shut the  fuck up. I was going to cancel the contract but Liz (the calmer ones of us two) convinced me to  try and resolve it. Bueno.. We went to the Entel Shop today, also to buy a new Blackberry Bold, a company phone for her.

We had to wait more then 20 minutes. Liz wanted to compare the Blackberry curve and Bold before buying but this lousy shop (one of the main Entel shops in Las Condes) did not even have the Curve on display.

Bueno…., back to the Spam problem. Entel: “Sorry we cannot get rid of the spam for you, we can see in the computer that it is correct that we send you Spam but we cannot edit this. You need to call 103” So we did call 103 (a wait time of about 15 minutes) and cancel the Spa. This was just 1 hour ago. Guess what happened just now… YES an automated phone call from this stupid company from an automated voice. *argh* just leave me alone I am not interested in this. I pay for my service and that is it.

I feel passionate about it and want to give back my SIM but Liz again is the calm and rational one of us. She has a Entel work phone and it  is just cheaper if we are on the same network.

Now lets all be positive and let the weekend begin 🙂 AEHM if you are new to Chile don’t use Entel – why – because I tell you not to….

update: April 1, it seems the text message spam has stopped but since asking them to stop on the 27th I have received two automated calls with advertisement. It is very annoying but a lot less annoying then receiving 3 text messages per day with Spam

On my way to Mexico

Liz and myself flew to Miami last night. We arrived early this morning and are currently at the airport waiting for our rental company to open the offices.

Yesterday morning we tried to hire a car via phone and Internet and there was only 1 company which had cars available. All Day Rent A Car in Miami. We filled in the online form and set the pick up time to 4.30 am. When we called this morning at 5.30 am the automated voice said:

“Thank you for calling All Day Rent A Car. All our offices are closed!! They open 7 days a week at 8.30 am


Once we have the car we will be heading to an outlet center. Liz will be in paradise 🙂 Lets see if we get a car.. More to come.. 🙂

Web 2.0 you get what you pay for / Jajah Support dissapoints

I am using Jajah since the 16th of October 2006. I like the service. I use if for free calls and I also use it for paid calls. It works.

However sometimes there are issues. and you need Jajah support. Jajah support is as you would expect from a mass consumer company (apparently 3 mio users) not ready for the huge amount of mail they receive.

Why do I need Jajah support?

I opened a new business account and added USD 20.00 as credit. I then wanted to add my office number and received the following error message:


I sent a very clear e-mail to Jajah support stating that my number is in use on my private account, however I wanted to use a new business account for the above number. The response was this piece of rubbish:

“We’ve received your email, and we’re uncertain what your specific request is. If you require help with JAJAH, please write back and specify your exact issue.” The person who wrote this message probably gets paid per sent message. To send rubbish like this they most certainly only need to click 1 button (T5?) for canned response number 5.

I sent another e-mail apologizing for my bad English and adding the above screenshot. Up to now – no response. Conclusion: You get what you pay for. If all the automated service works for you and you never get “stuck” all is good. If you ever get stuck you need several attempts to receive help. This is my 3rd attempt and I am sure Jajah will respond after this blog article. Certainly if I link to their blog.

Three ( 3 ) is funny

I ordered the N95 on a Three contract this weekend and should have received it Tuesday. Today (Thursday) I called to ask why the phone had not been delivered and they told me they need a copy of a utility bill. They said. “We tried calling you”. I do not believe this since the mobile was turned on 7 to 22 every day. I asked why they did not send an e-mail and they said “But we tried to call”…. Interesting Interesting – I will check the service in the 2 weeks coming and if it sucks the phone will go straight back to Three (3).

NO Junk Mail – thanks – Liberal democrats and Labour do not respect this wish!

We are fed up of loads of junk mail in our house when we come home from work so amongst other things we have fitted a clear sign on our letterbox:

No to Junk Mail, NO Newspaper, No Advertisement

You would think this is very clear wouldn’t you? Well the Cambridge Liberal Democrats and the Cambridge Labour Party employ very enthusiastic “junk mail throwers” who either cannot read or do not care about privacy and the clear statement made regarding Junk Mail.

The one thing that made the story almost funny was Labour’s advert Action on Climate change. This is a open message to Labour and Mr. Daniel Zeichner:

“A full color 4 page brochure which is sent to every household in the county does not only cost a lot of money but it also annoys people and it effects our environment. If you are serious about tackling climate change then lead by example and stop sending unwanted leaflets – THANKS.”

See here the leaflet the Cambridge Labour party sent:

Labour Cambridge campaing against climate change 

So for this election it is clear I will neither be voting for the Liberal Democrats nor for the Labour party. I will be reporting on other parties not respecting our privacy.


stay away from WAYN (WAYN.COM) bad practices – FRAUD


Please read the correspondence regarding this company and their bank robbery:


Dear Sir or Madame,
please refund the GBP 23.88 taken from my credit card. I have not authorized this and have NOT agreed to auto renewal. I never agree to AUTO RENEWAL.
Thank you very much for your help. I have seen that you include: “Due to the costs involved in processing transactions, and the great low price of the membership fee we are unable to offer refunds of membership upgrades. Please refer to the
Terms & Conditions for further advice on the acceptable use of WAYN.”
Although this cannot be for customers who have never agreed to automated renewal. If unsuccessful of course I will do a cash back claim on my Credit Card. Thanks a lot for your help and all the best for your future business


The response from WAYN.

The auto renewal function on your WAYN.com account was turned on, as per the renewal terms that you agreed when upgrading your membership.
We have not received any correspondence from you prior to your renewal, requesting your full membership account to be downgraded and as a result, will not be able to provide you with a refund on this occasion. If, however, you did email us prior to your renewal date, please forward to us proof of this correspondence and we will be happy to provide you with a full refund on your renewal payment.
Since you upgraded and agreed to the terms and conditions, privacy policy and renewal terms that form part of the agreement when signing up, you have been able to take advantage of full membership access. Your opt-in to these terms is required as part of the upgrade process and is clearly stated on the page where you submit your credit card details and confirm payment. This ensures that you are able to enjoy uninterrupted full membership service. In addition, we sent you an email 14 days prior to your membership term expiring, notifying you that your account will be renewed in line with the renewal terms that you agreed to upon joining, along with instructions on how to downgrade your account if required. (I never ever received a reminder).

Besides most members appear to be inactive anyway.


UPDATE – see here a msn conversation I had with a friend:

Her: Yes of course that will be nice.:) I forgot to say are you not on WAYN anymore ?
Me: no… – WAYN ripped me of
Me: I was a VIP member so WAYN took 24 pounds out of my account for the following year.
Me: I wrote I do not want this and they said – sorry wont (cant) refund
Me: so i did a charge back and deleted my WAYN account – no more wayn
Her: Did you ! ha ha good for you, they did that to me once……my account was on an automatic renewal or something ……I was not pleased!
Me: yeah – they claimed to have e-mailed me 14 days before – but this is not true.. i checked and also checked my spam folder – it is so easy using Gmail
Her: mmmmm naughty WAYN eh….I don’t really use it anymore bit bored of it.
Me:yep – make sure your WAYN account it is not on automatic renewal 😉