Is Skype a rip off?

I use Skype daily and I love it BUT.. If I see things like the following this might change.

0,518 EUR for 1 Minute and 5 seconds……!!!!????? This was not a premium rate number this was just a normal Mobile phone.

 UPDATE: I received an answer from skype support 14 days!!! after my first e-mail to them. Skype says:

“The problem you experienced was temporary and should be fixed now. Your connection fee was not double charged as initially shown
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please review your Call List to see a list of all calls you have made and their corrected costs.”

UPDATE number 2: baring in mind that update number 1 seems correct. This is the second answer of my mail from March 2nd received on March 20th:

“As of January 18th Skype changed the pricing structure for SkypeOut calls. The new pricing structure now includes a call connection fee for SkypeOut calls. This fee will be 0 – 0,039 € per call (exclusive of VAT) and is effective from 13:00 CET on January 18th 2007.
In most European and other countries a connection fee is normal in everyday calling costs and to make our charges more understandable we have adapted the pricing in a way consumers normally look at pricing.”

!!! I don’t like these changes because this means skype is getting expensive!!!! If you are interested in skype for leisure use you should  check out Jajah and / or Voipbuster

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A Credit Card kept 300 miles away from me in the HSBC bank branch

Since 3 years I don´t live in Cheltenham anymore. That is where my HSBC branch is (normally good service). Now HSBC headquarter sends my Credit Card to the branch (for security reasons) then I get a letter I could pick up my card there. Do I need this card? No clash back on purchases APR 18% or more the answer is NO – so I tried to cancel it via SECURE Message – Here is the answer 😉 So I will receive yet another letter from my branch telling me to travel 300 miles to Cheltenham to pick up a NOT COMPETITIVE credit card…..


Case Number: 4190768
Dear Mr

Account Number: 4546 3**0 **** 0380
Thank you for your e-mail dated 29 October regarding the closure of your Visa Card account.
I am sorry, your account cannot be closed using this e-mail service. To close your account please write to:
HSBC Card Services
365 Chartwell Square
SS99 2UU
The account will be closed as soon as we receive your written request. You will receive a letter confirming the account closure.
Thank you for your past custom.
Please e-mail me if you have any more queries.
Kind regards
Anu R* (name deleted for privacy) 
Customer Services Team
HSBC Card Services

bank bad customer service HSBC credit card cancel by secure message with a zeero instead of the o

TALK TALK On the 29/09/06 Cullin issued a summons through the small claims court in Poole Dorset……

…from the money savings expert forum…. 

quoting the 1982 Supply of Goods and Services Act alleging that T/Talk had failed to provide reasonable care and skill in executing their side of the agreement.At no time did Cullin stop paying or threaten to break the agreement Cullin asked for £500.00 plus £50 costs. This he have been awarded plus interest. He does not have the money yet but do have the uncontested judgement. Will keep you informed.
P.S. Trading Standards Officer MOST HELPFUL. DON’T GRUMBLE ACT! read more on The Money savings expert forum

The reason I found this is because someone had linked to my previous blog post TAKING TALKTALK to court –

click here to read it with a zeeero instead of the 0

..and I thought I had left TALKTALK behind me….

….I spoke to my mum by phone today. She was telling me about my granddad. At 76 he decided to go for broadband. She had been telling me this 4 months ago but I thought everything went smoother. Guess what – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – he decided to go with TALKTALK and is not yet connected. He was soo lucky to get through to Customer Services but that was it. Apparently they were very rude to him. Guess what, he is still offline!!!


I just think it is not easy for a young person to cope with the Carphone Warehouse, see the amazing Blog of Tiffany TALKTALK HELL In fact my friend Paul was telling me yesterday he had switched to TALKTALK and the connection speed is 80k when he manages to get connection. As a reminder here is my first post on Talk TALK taking them to court

another talktalkblog is the one from Oliver Brown, and Daniel Wykes is asking for everyone to sign the petition for a better customer service 🙂