Skype four years and 196 Million registered users later

I was searching the net for skype rip-off today as to me 15,9 pence per minute to call an Austrian mobile is rather heavy. Anyway this blog is getting far to critical and far to negative so instead of complaining about high call prices I thought I would share the article I found from the 12th of September 2003 Author: Ben Charny CNET as it is very interesting to go back in time 🙂

Sept. 2003: Kazaa founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom target the telecom’s with a new service called Skype.

They’ve launched Skype, which they claim is the first Internet phone service to use peer-to-peer software. In just its first week of availability, 60,000 people downloaded the free Skype software. Other voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, such as Vonage or Free World Dialup (FWD), needed several months to attract the same level of interest.

Just as they shook up the music industry by creating Kazaa, the pair now wants to rattle the cages of traditional telephone companies. In an interview with CNET, Friis discussed the coming challenges for VoIP, what Skype actually means (nothing, as it turns out) and a possible regulatory backlash against VoIP providers, among other issues…. (…) read more here – it is interesting…

What was interesting to me was to see that Vonage was founded before!!! Skype – did not know this one.

PS: See also my post economic facts about skype.

PPS: You want even more about Skypes history?

Read here why Skype became a success.

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skype is getting expensive

the b* connection fee. I was wondering why my skype credit lasts a lot shorter and looking at my last call (the other person was not available) I now know why.

See here:

skype connection charge 5.6 eurocent for 13 seconds

Skype charges 5.6 Euro Cent for this skype out call lasting 13 seconds. The big advertising leaflets say:

skype out rate 

*All SkypeOut calls (except those made through the Skype Unlimited Calling plan) are subject to a connection fee ranging from US$0.00 to US$0.039 (excluding VAT).

So if you read the small print and use skype for a lot of short calls then skype is not as cheap as one would hope.


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