A SimCard For Traveling – Save Money On Roaming

When booking my hotel room for Denmark with expedia I received this Travel Sim Card free of charge. If you are a frequent traveler and live in the UK then this is something worth investing in.

The benefits of this Sim Card:

You can receive calls free of charge in most Countries of the world. The added bonus is that unlike most other travel Sim card you have a regular UK phone number. So this means you can redirect your normal phone to this UK phone number and will not have to pay (if you have enough inclusive minutes).


Go check them out… http://sim4travel.com

Disclaimer: I do not get any money or free airtime from sim4travel – I recommend them because I believe they are good – however if they want to add some credit to my account I would not say no 😉

Sorry Vodafone I now call abroad using Rebtel (and your free minutes)

How should I start this blog post? Lets start from the beginning. I am an Austrian living in the UK with friends all over the world. Mainly in Europe. I never called abroad from my mobile or at least I wanted to avoid it. Why? Well my provider Vodafone charges GBP 1.00 per minute and there is no gold coming out of me when my food is digested 😉

In March of this year I found a company called Rebtel. They promise  FREE calls from mobiles to mobiles cross country. You need to ask your friend to call you back while you stay on the line they wrote on their website. Bullsh* I thought – Probably I just did not get it. However I did sign up and I thought the normal rates are really competitive. So if I would not ask my friend to call me back I would pay 0.01pence per minute to Austria / Germany / Italy etc to a landline and 0.08 pence to a mobile – amazing rates AMAZING 🙂

There was the day I started calling my friends FOR FREE Cross Continent Mobile to Mobile. How did this happen? Well it happened by accident. I called a friend. She lost connection (or hung up on me) and then the computer voice said: If you have asked your friend to call you back stay on the line while your friend calls you back and we connect you.

Then another friend was totally excited (I called to the States) Hey are you in New York? You are in New York 🙂 You did visit me at last. I asked *HU* ? Your number you are calling me from is a New York number. Then I got it. Next call to my parents. Me: “Hey what number do you see on your display?” My parents: “Funny you ask, one from Vienna”. Me: “O.k. hang up – call this number – It will be me on my mobile.” I did not tell my parents that I will be waiting on the line (would have caused confusion) Viola – Rebtel connected us and the call was FREE 🙂 Yippee – This was back in May or so – since I call my parents, my friends, my ex girlfriends and the girls I adore on a regular basis whenever I think of them totally free of charge.

BTW Rebtel just secured some funding of USD 20.000.000,00 so they will probably still be around a long time. If you have friends abroad and you are sick of a high phone bill – give them a try you are crazy if you don’t do it – crazy crazy crazy – or you have a donkey that sh* gold 😉

See here for how it works:

See here for the rates: But again if your friend calls back HIS/HER local number the call is free (you just use your inclusive minutes to your nearest city!!! )


uninstall truphone – how?

nothing to be found on http://truphone.com – even with an extensive Google search:

Does anyone have any idea how to uninstall? Reason? well it is a suspect of crashing my Nokia E65 in any possible situation. I know it is beta software so this is o.k. but I want to uninstall it and am not happy of not finding any info. UPDATE – Their support team is very reactive and fast. This is very seldom in this industry. Thanks Truephone team!!


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International calls from your mobile almost free

I found out about a company called Rebtel about a month ago and have been using them since. I can make international calls from my mobile almost free. On their website it all looks complicated but it is not.

How does it work?

You sign up for the service on their website. Then you enter the numbers you want to call. For each international number you enter you receive a local number from Rebtel. For instance I put Peter in my Rebtel phone book with his Austrian number 0043 6764287xx and received a London number from Rebtel for example 0044 20 709635xx to enter in to my normal mobile phone address book.

see the contacts in the Rebtel address book and the local number to call

You will need to buy credit but you can do this from as little as GBP 2,50 or USD 5,00 so nothing dramatic. I can then call the local number (the number given from Rebtel) and can speak to Peter for 1 pence per minute – from UK to Austria 🙂 using my mobile phone.

Rebtel gives you the option to make free calls if your friend calls you back in a certain time but I would forget this since 1 pence is virtually free anyway….