kijiji – marketing gone wrong


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After I read all the news about kijiji a local free clasified ad site launched by EBay similar to craigslist in the US and many countries I browsed through a few ads only to find a really hilarious one.

A young man is offering computer courses for pensioners (beginner level). The guy is available to call on skype. My thought is that a pensioner browsing on kijiji and using skype does no longer need a basic Computer course 🙂

the original ad can be found here

bicycle lift in Trondheim / Norway and tailwind generator in Copenhagen / Denmark

this is cool :)From Wikipedia:

The Trampe bicycle lift (Norwegian: Sykkelheisen Trampe) is the first, and currently only, bicycle lift in the world. The prototype was built in 1993 in Trondheim, and it is still in service as of 2005. Trampe is a Norwegian verb meaning "to tramp".

A Danish friend told me that ther once was a politician in Denmark who wanted to install wind generators to give every cyclist tailwind all the time. Apparently this politician made it in to parliment. I did some websearch but did not find the details. Can anyone help out with some interesting links?


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