TALK TALK On the 29/09/06 Cullin issued a summons through the small claims court in Poole Dorset……

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quoting the 1982 Supply of Goods and Services Act alleging that T/Talk had failed to provide reasonable care and skill in executing their side of the agreement.At no time did Cullin stop paying or threaten to break the agreement Cullin asked for £500.00 plus £50 costs. This he have been awarded plus interest. He does not have the money yet but do have the uncontested judgement. Will keep you informed.
P.S. Trading Standards Officer MOST HELPFUL. DON’T GRUMBLE ACT! read more on The Money savings expert forum

The reason I found this is because someone had linked to my previous blog post TAKING TALKTALK to court –

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..and I thought I had left TALKTALK behind me….

….I spoke to my mum by phone today. She was telling me about my granddad. At 76 he decided to go for broadband. She had been telling me this 4 months ago but I thought everything went smoother. Guess what – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – he decided to go with TALKTALK and is not yet connected. He was soo lucky to get through to Customer Services but that was it. Apparently they were very rude to him. Guess what, he is still offline!!!


I just think it is not easy for a young person to cope with the Carphone Warehouse, see the amazing Blog of Tiffany TALKTALK HELL In fact my friend Paul was telling me yesterday he had switched to TALKTALK and the connection speed is 80k when he manages to get connection. As a reminder here is my first post on Talk TALK taking them to court

another talktalkblog is the one from Oliver Brown, and Daniel Wykes is asking for everyone to sign the petition for a better customer service 🙂

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TalkTalk taking them to court

I wrote earlier on that I received a cheque of 140 GBP from the Carphone Warehouse.

I filed a claim at the small claims court and I thought it was good to document what I did and how I did it so other people can learn from the experience.

The story: I used to be a customer of TALK TALKS Landline Service and the horror began as I moved address.

I very soon found out that TALKTALK could not provide me with a land line service at my new home and instead they sent me to BT. On my first call (Cancellation call) to TALKTALK I was advised I need to speak to a manager to cancel which I did. After this I kept calling my old number to check if it was disconnected and it wasn´t… To cut a long story short. It was impossible to get through to TALKTALKS Customer Service by phone so I sent countless e-mails and was always told that my line is disconnected. After then receiving bill after bill and seeing my account was debited I decided to cancel the direct debit.

Then the worst part started as I received threatening letters from TALK TALK stating that they would sell my debt to a debt collector……..

After sending signed for letters to Charles Dunstone and the Head of Credit Control with no result I decided to file a claim and I am going to write how I did it.

One very important step before filing a claim is to let the other party know you will do this if the issue is not resolved within a given time frame. Also to let them know that additional costs will need to be paid by them.

How to claim. First go on the link below:
Money Claim Online


then click I am a claimant you register as a new client and from there it is very simple. You will not need a lawyer as it is the small claims court. You also needn´t pay the companies costs of solicitor although some companies might threaten you with this.

The whole process is fairly simple – here is another screen shot:


the next screen asks you if you want to open a NEW claim


The next few steps are fairly simple – I am just going to provide you with one more screen shot:

Here you will need to enter the amount you want to claim. Don´t forget if successful the defendant will have to pay court costs.

After you file the claim this is processed by the Northampton court and they will send it to the Defendant. They then have 2 weeks time to file a defense, admitt their guilt or open an new claim against you.

If the defendant does nothing you win and they have to pay. If the company defends they will win another month. In this month they have the chance to file a defense or to settle the claim. If you are not happy with the outcome you can move on to the real small claims court. The fees for this I think are another 30 GBP.


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