Totally off topic but made me laugh

The following has nothing to do with comments I received on my blog.. I just thought it is a funny story so wanted to share it…

< Rant >
You know, comments like these remind me of a story, about a Father and his Son, taking their donkey to the market. When the Father rode the donkey, the people chastised him for making his ‘little kid’ walk. When the Son rode, they criticized him for making his ‘old man’ walk. When neither rode, people call them ‘idiots’ for not using the donkey. When both used it, people called them out for burdening the ‘poor beast’ too much. Finally they both carried the donkey on their shoulders, but when they were crossing the bridge, the donkey panicked and slipped, and fell to the river below.

Moral of the story: Some people just like to yap, they don’t actually have genuine advice to give, nor do they actually know of your situation. They just perceive things from their POV and give judgment, as if that will fit all.
< /Rant >