Specialized – Buying a bycicle–The Chilean Way

Nice to be back Guiño
So my wife asks me what I want for Christmas. All I can think of is the bike I want to buy myself for a better and faster comute to work. I want the Sirrus Elite Carbon so since we don’t really separate much between my money and her money we decided it was a great idea.


We headed out to the top Specialized Concept Store and see the bike on display. Only problem is  the size doesn’t fit me. So I ask for one of the same models in L – listed as being sold in Chile. The nice sales person tells me that it is not available at the moment. Nowhere in Chile. So I ask when it will be available again. He says he didn’t know. I start pushing him. Well can I order it, he says no. So I say come on give me more info. He says call me in 2 weeks. We get more bikes in 2 weeks. I ask will it be available. “Puede ser que si, puede ser que no”. I say o.k. so if not – then what. Then he says there is another shipment in  3 months. I ask will this model be included? “Puede ser que si, puede ser que no”. “ He really CAN’T help me. He says that is the way Specialized operates. I just don’t believe it and call 2 more Specialized stores. Same story. Incredible. Because I really want this bike we visit this store after getting pretty much the same answer by phone. I just made the experience if you just use phone or email you don’t really exist. There are 3 employees there as I tell them I really want to buy the Sirrus Carbon in my size (.L) They say it is not available but at the end they take down my data. This was on December 20th. Not expecting a call back.

Next, I tweet the following to Specialized Global:


No response. Specialized REALLY does not want to sell bikes. Anyway I don’t give up right there. I find out the phone number of Specialized Chile. Goes straight to Voicemail (tried like 20 times in 4 days) so I decide to write to them. (21st of December) – still no answer on the 29th.


48 hours later I send an email to Specialized LATAM.

This was the 23rd of December. I know about Christmas and all that but they had 2 1/2 working days since the reminder and 5 1/2 days since the original mail to respond. I guess it is probably best to stay far far away from them which is sad as I really like the Sirrus.
Next up I will explain more about my comute to work Guiño It’s 16km each way and a altitude difference of 300 Meters.