Chile is the FIRST country in the world to adopt Net Neutrality


The headline says it all. If you are a little tech interested you might have followed the discussion in the US where Verizon and Google have formed a contract framework giving power to the big wireless networks potentially allowing content creators to pay for preferential treatment. An example could be Google saying they will pay more to have faster service for YouTube or in the extreme case Verizon can say we will have an exclusive contract with a Hollywood studio but the movie is only distributed on “Verizonnet” (not the internet).

Obviously (and thankfully) there is a huge outcry asking if this is the end of the free and open internet. I oversimplified it as Google & Verizon came out with a joint press conference in which they claimed they wanted to protect the internet as it is but want the mobile web non regulated. For better and more in depth analysis go and read multiple stories here:

So what does that have to do with Chile?

Chile is the first country in the world which tells the Internet Service Providers (VTR, Telefonica etc….) that they have to treat every internet site the same. If you as a customer pay for 50GB it is not up to your Internet Service Provider to tell you what you can and cannot watch and which service will be faster or slower. Bravo Chile…. Way to go…. & Dear US & Rest of the world – Don’t let the “Do no evil company” and Verizon get away with pretending to be the all goods and do no harms & let the mobile internet be as open as the good old internet is….

Source covering Chiles Law (in Spanish)

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Free your iPod from iTunes jail

We recently purchased the Popcorn Hour a Media Streamer / Player to connect to our surround system. It is possible to connect Liz’s iPod to it but we wanted the Music on the Hard Drive of the Popcorn Hour so the iPod can be our travel companion.

Liz had about 2,000 songs on the iPod and no iTunes anymore since she had changed computers. She asked me to get the songs of for her. A quick Google search brought me to Yamipod which is a really cool utility to copy music from iTunes to your computer. The best of all is that it is free, totally free. There is no installation necessary on the Computer which is cool. Here is a screenshot:


YamiPod recommends to have the utility on the iPod so it is easier to transfer files from and to any Computer easily.

Highly recommended!!

Facebook Privacy / my Profile was open for everyone

Here comes a warning for all those Facebook users.

I have just noticed that ANYBODY on this world who would have wanted to could have easily found ALL MY Facebook Data including pictures, phone numbers, friends and possibly some embarrassing and very personal  stuff. It would have been very simple. He or she signs up using her or his real or false name (it does not matter) then they join the Chile Network, search for me and they have FULL ACCESS to my Profile. For the stalker to do this there is no permission required from me and I will not even know about it. Now I have changed this.

I was aware of this (feature?) when I signed up for facebook and specifically changed this setting to NO. I am not sure what has changed. But I checked today as I heard some stories related to exactly this feature. I will check back regurlarly to see if it automatically changes back again. Go check what setting you have enabled here (link takes you directly to your Facebook privacy page)

Any Feedback welcome. I would be in  particular interested to know if you noticed the flag changing without your input. Just leave a comment or you can also send me a private message here: THANKS

Getting around in Santiago on Rollerblades using Nokia Maps

I am new in town. So I thought well o.k. lets go for the Nokia Maps on my Nokia N95 8GB

…I must say it is soo cool in a new City to know you cannot get lost and you instantly find your way to anywhere. If the battery goes there is always the Taxi and also I am familiar with the really good Metro System by now.

Nokia navigated me from Las Condes (map) down to the Austrian embassy (map) and back without getting lost . Also I already visited the ECELA language school (map) and back by inline skates / roller blades. So far so good. The thing is good.

There are some problems still though. One of them is that the Nokia Maps just do not do search at least not in Chile. In Germany they worked well in the past. However Mark from The Nokia Blog helped me out a lot with this article: link So all in all Nokia maps are not perfect but certainly fun to use.

Almost every other Chilean has an Internet Connection

I just found a nice article about Internet and Wifi usage in Santiago.

Between 6th and 11th October, we went war-driving in Santiago, the capital of Chile, with the aim of collecting data on the city’s wifi networks. Why did we choose Chile? Simple – as the diagram below shows, it’s got the highest Internet connectivity out of all the Latin American countries… “..” almost every other Chilean has an Internet connection..”..”  (Data is taken from , 30th June 2008.

… more …including charts..

The beginning of the article is interesting for everyone and the rest of the article only for readers who know anything about wpa, wep and MAC address filtration. My advice: If all these mentioned words are not known to you get a friend to check your Wirless router settings as you might be at risk.

Gmail lost my mail after upgrading service

17 days of Gmail e-mails are lost / gone / vanished!!! They are not archived nor in my trash or spam folder. All the e-mails between the 30th of October and today have totally disappeared by no action of myself.

Did anyone experience the same? I found out that Gmail apparently upgraded their service: Google updated Gmail and created Problems.

The good thing is that I kept a back up of all my e-mails. A copy of every e-mail I receive is automatically forwarded to Yahoo. I set this up a while back – see my post here: Back up your Gmail account.