Nokia E65 after the local Nokia Repair center

I had my Nokia E65 at the local Nokia Repair center from Monday until today (about 48 hours). I was told they did a software update. A quick check revealed the version number which looks like this:

version number before: 1.0633.18.01

version number after: 1.0633.18.01 Do YOU see the difference? 🙂

My phone had no applications on it and all the data was wiped off. Thank god I did a back up.

I will report later if the rebooting, freezing and other annoying symptoms that had been reported about the Nokia E65 have now stopped.

update: The reboots have stopped, also the noise when the slider was open. The program I cannot recover is the SmartConnect from Birdstep. It seems they have pulled it of the market since it is also not in the Nokia cataloge anymore. My e-mails to Birdstep are also unanswered. It is a shame because I really liked the application and I have paid for it. As for the reboots. The question is if it was software related (version number is the same) or hardware related (the buzzing when the slider was open suggests this).

Here are my previous posts about this problem:



GOOGLE Web History


I use Google!

I use Gmail!

Google knows who I am!

Google saves what I search!

I have told Google (clicked the appropriate buttons) not to save my searches!

Every few weeks I have to check again just to see that Google saves all the past searches for me. GOOGLE – I do not want you to connect my searches to my Google / Account / Name / Personal Data…..

Current mood? *DISgoogled*

Trust me – I have unsubscribed from this service many many times – now again

Google Web History sucks

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Some More Rapleaf concern

After Rapleaf’s apology I do not believe all is fine. In fact I am certain that they are breaking European law. See here for the Data Protection Act.

Some more frustrated comments about Rapleaf and why this service is so annoying:

WTF?!! Watch out for Rapleaf!!!

What appears to have happened with RapLeaf

What annoys me personally is that my details can still be found on upscoop (upscoop and rapleaf are one and the same company) after I have received confirmation that all my data has been removed from their servers:

Thanks for the email and we greatly apologize for any inconvenience. As
requested, we’ve gone ahead and removed the profiles for the email
addresses you provided below.
If we can be of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to email us.

Yes they have been removed from Rapleaf but not from Upscoop (a service from Rapleaf). And also their Privacy Policy states the following:

Rapleaf may disclose full user data in Rapleaf’s database to third parties in the following limited circumstances:

-Upon receipt of a properly authorized and authenticated governmental request for information
-In response to a subpoena or a court order
-To comply with relevant laws
-In response to an investigation of fraud regarding a specific user, customer, or client
If Rapleaf is sold or acquired
In an effort to safeguard the person or property of a Rapleaf employee or a third party or client

I do not feel comfortable with a service like this and whilst I believe it is illegal I certainly know that it is unethical!

The Internet and Privacy – Get yourself removed from Rapleaf quickly

After reading about Rapleaf on ZDNET I thought to give them a try and see if they find any information about me.

The answer is really really scary. Rapleaf knew of Social Networking sites I was not aware I had joined. Rapleaf also linked my true identity with my false one… What does this mean? Well I have a few e-mail addresses I use to try out new things but by using them too often I might once even use one of those addresses with my real name. Here is one example from one of my e-mail addresses:

Rapleaf knew that I was I member at Plaxo (had forgotten this one). LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook, Hi5 (don’t use this one), Myspace (different name, different age as Myspace asks you to sign up to see certain profiles..), Ringo (also did not know I was a member there – just requested my password so I could close my account).

It frightens me to see that companies have all this access and bundle the information and also sell it on to other companies. The first thing I did was to start the annoyingly long and complicated opt out process



An individual may request information taken down for a given email address by emailing

Additional, individuals can elect to have their information opted-out from Rapleaf’s database by following these steps:

1. Email from the email address requesting to opt-out. Rapleaf will then email back an opt-out form to confirm the email address.

2. Print out this customized opt-out form, fill it out, and mail it to the following postal address:

Attn: Opt-Out Request
657 Mission Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94105

Rapleaf will then quickly follow up with a confirmation email. All relevant information pertaining to this opted-out email address will also be removed.

What is your take on this? Is it legal for them to do this?

Update: Also see this blog entry: Some more Rapleaf concern

I Love Zen

Most people I know are complaining about their Internet connection. I am not 😉 I am with Zen and I love those folks. True you pay a little more but you have a) a very reliable service, b) instant access to their support c) full speed and d) no ties – means if you are unhappy you are welcome to leave, they do not tie you in a ugly contract…

Please be aware that I measured the 5,845 kb/s while my colleague was on skype so probably it is faster. Thanks Zen you are doing an amazing job. Speedtest from

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