On my way to Mexico

Liz and myself flew to Miami last night. We arrived early this morning and are currently at the airport waiting for our rental company to open the offices.

Yesterday morning we tried to hire a car via phone and Internet and there was only 1 company which had cars available. All Day Rent A Car in Miami. We filled in the online form and set the pick up time to 4.30 am. When we called this morning at 5.30 am the automated voice said:

“Thank you for calling All Day Rent A Car. All our offices are closed!! They open 7 days a week at 8.30 am


Once we have the car we will be heading to an outlet center. Liz will be in paradise 🙂 Lets see if we get a car.. More to come.. 🙂


Maitencillo Cabañas Hermansen

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Liz and myself had a wonderful weekend in Maitencillo which is about 1 hour and 30 minutes North West of Santiago. I will write more details about it later this week / for now enjoy this video 🙂

Getting around in Santiago on Rollerblades using Nokia Maps

I am new in town. So I thought well o.k. lets go for the Nokia Maps on my Nokia N95 8GB

…I must say it is soo cool in a new City to know you cannot get lost and you instantly find your way to anywhere. If the battery goes there is always the Taxi and also I am familiar with the really good Metro System by now.

Nokia navigated me from Las Condes (map) down to the Austrian embassy (map) and back without getting lost . Also I already visited the ECELA language school (map) and back by inline skates / roller blades. So far so good. The thing is good.

There are some problems still though. One of them is that the Nokia Maps just do not do search at least not in Chile. In Germany they worked well in the past. However Mark from The Nokia Blog helped me out a lot with this article: link So all in all Nokia maps are not perfect but certainly fun to use.

Horse Riding in Cajón del Maipo

Horse Riding in Cajon Del Maipo

Click on the Image to see more pictures and also see them in full size.

Liz and me spent a wonderful weekend in Cajón del Maipo. Liz was there a few weeks ago on a company trip as an incentive and liked it a lot so we decided to go there. We were heading straight towards Cascadas de las Animas. It is a beautiful place where you can do horse riding, rafting and there is also a pool. We asked if they had a Cabañas (a small bungalow) available for the night but unfortunately they did not. We decided to have lunch there. The place was really nice and lunch was ok. After lunch we spent some time near the river and then dicided to go search for some accomodation. This did not seem to be very easy as this Friday was a bank holiday weekend. After about 1 hour of Cabaña hunting we found a nice place half a mile north of San José de Maipo. The Cabaña was clean and looked newish. We had a small rest and went for dinner in San José de Maipo (a small village). The next day we wanted to go horse riding. We saw a place next to the road, told the man we would like to do some horse riding but we had only done it once before. He gave us two nice looking horses helped us up and said off you go ??? I was scared. I had little control over my horse and jumped off after about 5 minutes. We returned the horses and Liz told the man that it was not for us. We searched for another place and found a nice little farm. We asked if they do guided horse riding and the man was ever so friendly and agreed. 2 guides went with us on a 2 hour horse ride up the mountains. It was fabulous!!! I want to publish the details of the place but at this precise moment cannot find the business card we were given  * see below for the details of the farm / Guides from Caballo de Troja The 2 hour guided horse ride was CLP 40,000 for both me and Liz (50 EUROS) and was well worth the money spent. I really hope we will be able to find the business card since this place was amazing and the guides were so friendly. Cascadas de las Animas was more touristy and would have been more expensive for sure or we would have had to ride in a bigger group. Liz and myself will definately repeat the riding experience.

What is more to say than Life is good!

update: I found the details of the Farm and the Guides: Caballo de Troya Camino al volcan number 29479 San Alfonso Tel.: (0056) 28611915 and the cell phone is: (0056)995395495

Ask for Kiko who was our main Guide


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My first day in Chile primer dia en Chile

Yayy I landed in Chile on Sunday at 8am. 30 Minutes ahead of schedule. Went to “border control” and was a little scared. Baring in mind that the friendly people of the US immigration were always really unfriendly and suspicious of me even if only staying in the US for 1 night. BUT it was totally different this time. This is Chile and NOT the US. The officer looked in my passport saw the many stamps of my past travels put a stamp in for this entry to Chile and said. “Enjoy your stay in Chile”. I was impressed and very happy. Next step my luggage. I had to wait quite a while and thought that my luggage might not have made it. I was not so much worried about my luggage as I knew I would get it somehow but I was just soooo waiting to see Liz and really did not want to wait for my luggage for ages. After probably 20 minutes (I have no idea if this estimate is accurate) I saw my suitcase and off I went. Totally excited through the exit in to the waiting area. But Liz was not there. I had no SimCard in my phone so again I was nervous. What if she is waiting somewhere different. So many people at the airport. I went through the masses and shouted “Liz, Liz… Liiiiiz” but there was no answer. Only a really friendly Chileno approached me and asked: “Are you looking for your friend”? I said I was. And he said do you have her/his phone number and I said yes also smiling as I did not think of this brilliant idea myself. You can see how nervous / excited I was. He went to a phone box with me and took some of his coins to call “mi amor” and she was surprised that I was early… I finally saw her 20 minutes after the call and was extremely happy. I have been waiting for this moment for such a long time. Of we went for breakfast and….

Anyway later on we went for a walk and I shot the first video I want to share with you:

How it all started

Heeehooo my first real post on my new url andreinchile.com 🙂

I am planning to use this blog to report about my time in Chile and also share some money saving tips with my friends I will hopefully make in Chile. I knkow myself so I am sure I will sometimes also vent a little frustration about some companies that do not get it 😉

I used to blog here but used a different URL. The old blog posts are still buried here somewhere. Here is a link to an old post of mine in which I told the world about my plan to do a language course in Chile. I never did the follow up to report how brilliant it was. First of all I learnt some Spanish but secondly I got to meet some really nice people. One of them is originally from Mexico and she is the reason I am now moving to Chile

I am really happy to soon be with my girlfriend but a I am aware that my parents are a little bit sad to see me go. I understand that and will be in contact a lot with them as I DO really love them. I am certain that we will manage to see each other at least once per year and who knows maybe Liz will manage to do a 3 months job exchange in her company so she can work in Spain and we can both got to Spain for this period. (which would be a lot closer to Austria). Hopefully I will have the chance to write one more time before leaving.

My flight will be on Saturday at 13:40 CEST from Innsbruck via Frankfurt (3 hours wait) to Santiago (SCL) I will arrive there 22 hours after start at 08:40 CLST