new buyer protection on Ebay fro UK and Ireland

…from my inbox… sounds great

08 May, 2007 | 02:59PM BST
We wanted to let you know about improvements we’re making to buyer protection on and

From June 2007, PayPal will provide £150/€200 of coverage with no processing fee, no minimum purchase price and no seller requirements for all UK / IE buyers who pay with PayPal. This coverage protects buyers for purchases made of certain items which are either not received or for those that are significantly not as described.

Additionally, buyers who use PayPal to purchase items from eligible sellers may be entitled to up to £500/€1000 protection.

Buyers can look in the Meet the Seller, Buy Safely section on item listings to see how each specific listing is covered.

The protection offered by PayPal is an expansion of PayPal Buyer Protection and replaces the eBay Standard Purchase Protection Programme which previously covered most eBay listings for up to £120/€200 minus a £15/€25 processing fee. We’ve responded to community feedback that eBay Standard Purchase Protection wasn’t meeting the community’s needs, so we’ve decided to retire it and just offer simplified purchase protection through PayPal – making coverage on eBay much simpler and more comprehensive.

Find out more about why protection is important and details of our policies along with other useful information about buying with confidence in our Safety Centre.


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waiting for my sansa 200 series device to arrive

as you know I admire Steve Jobs for his success. First the Mac, then Pixar and last but not least the Ipod. Although I admire SJ for all his success I have asked the question numerous times is the Ipod really worth the money the teens are throwing at Apple? I never thought so and still believe that it is a overpriced piece of design. I will be getting one of Sandisks Sansa 200 series players in a few days and will be reporting on it. Sansa 200 series

From what I read I already think it is a great Ipod alternative but will be testing and trying…..


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Global warming (yes again)

I just read an amazing feedback comment on Vowe dot net and thought I´d share it with my readers.

Dave writes:

“I don’t get this debate.

In my mind, why do we need to prove that man may have caused global warming? Even if we did not cause global warming, why not start improving the environmental impact of worldwide industry just on the simple principle of being friendly to our world?

Oh, that’s right. Because people make money off damaging this world. How could I forget that?”

I agree 100 % with you Dave. It is a bit like explaining a smoker that smoking is bad 

I have used this Wikipedia Chart before BUT