Meet Hundele

I had promised the story of Hundele (which means perrito in German).

Well Liz my wife always wanted a dog and I always said no, won’t work. We travel too much – we can’t and should not take on this responsibility. But after moving in our new lovely house I started to like the idea and would have liked to have a Golden Retriever. But who knows if we would have ever gotten a dog.

One day – I think it was the 19th of April I left my house for a late lunch break. I walked about 1,5 kilometers and on the way back I noticed something standing behind me. I turned round and saw a cute little Puppy German Shepherded mix. I did not touch the dog but said “Hallo Hundele” – Hello little dog which was enough for him to follow me. I noticed that the dog is following me so I turned round with him to see if I could find out where he comes from…… I could not.

Hundele followed me home. At home I was not 100% sure what to do but though, well lets give him some food and if he wants let him stay the knight. Tomorrow we will look for his real parents.

That is the first picture I sent to my wife from my phone on the day we found the dog:


The next day I printed posters to put on the trees near our home and set out to put them up with the really shy puppy who would not let us touch him (!) I was able to put a leash on him which my wife purchased the knight before. I asked her for it as I needed a way to handle this “guest”. I managed to get the leash on him but he would not walk. There was absolutely no chance he would walk. Hmmmmm. Well I could not (or did not want to) leave him inside the house and from the garden he could escape. So what did I do…? I carried him. He was so scared, so shy, so vulnerable. I talked to him, in English, in German and in Spanish – but one thing was consistent. I always called him “Hundele” which is why we kept the name.

I told my wife that this is not our dog and for sure someone will find him. Please don’t get attached to him. We went to the nearby Vet and asked him if someone had asked for a poor little German Shepherded. They searched their Computer since they have different branches in the zone but said – negative…. We asked for a quick check and the Vet told us that he really hopes we do not find the parents. (ouch..) He said I can see this dog has a better home with you. He is extremely shy and very dirty (mainly inside his ears).

After nobody replied to the notices at the vet, the posters in the streets, a call to Las Condes Security (which someone told us to do if you find a dog) and a few post in the world wide web we started to realize that Hundele was the new part of our family and we were extremely happy for this.

Since we knew he would one day be a big dog and we did not know anything of his past we wanted to train him and called a dog trainer. Hundele had six lessons in his first six weeks with us and I spent a lot of time with him – since I work from home and fell in love with him.

He is now a really good dog – see here a video we made of part of our training.

He is now part of our family. At first I said it was a garden dog only and he has no right to enter the house…. Guess what he is allowed to do now… Yes, you are right… he sleeps on top of our bed in the evenings and the mornings, not @ night though… 🙂

Here are some of my favourite pictures of him:


My 3rd day in Chile

o.k. folks the next post will not be called the 4th day in Chile as you can clearly see I am struggling to keep up. Hehe I am keeping my promise: “Don’t expect regular updates ;)”

As I am pretty busy here getting up at silly times and going out each evening I don’t have a lot of time to look after my little website so this time I will just post a video with only a little text. What you all probably want to know is “Andre is happy” 🙂 and still feeling as if this was a holiday.

Please be aware that all these videos are not edited as I did not find the correct program yet and did not really have time. Anyone have recommendations for a good tool for video editing? The built in Microsoft Windows Media Maker does not support MP4 and I do not want to start converting to a different file format. Carsten?

My 2nd day in Chile

Today is my third day in Chile but nevermind. I will write about my day yesterday.

It started of good. Even though I went to bed at 8.30pm the previous night I had overslept. The culprit? For whatever reason I had set my alarm wrong. So it did not wake me at 5.30 am but I woke up without an alarm at 6.30. Not bad not bad… I quickly got out of bed, made myself a coffee and started working. Liz woke up around 7.30 I think and she joined me for a coffee. The day was good working in our apartment. Liz left the house but came home for lunch. I cooked for her. The result was not very good to be honest. However Liz did tell me a few times it was good. I challenged her and could get her to say that it was the worst I had ever cooked but said it was still good jejeje

In the evening around 6pm she went to a customer meeting and I said I will go with her to be at a Starbucks with Internet Access to update my blog and see if some friends & family are online.

After that we went for dinner to Asian Bistro in Las Condes Parque Arauco which was very nice. Friendly staff and good food.

My first day in Chile primer dia en Chile

Yayy I landed in Chile on Sunday at 8am. 30 Minutes ahead of schedule. Went to “border control” and was a little scared. Baring in mind that the friendly people of the US immigration were always really unfriendly and suspicious of me even if only staying in the US for 1 night. BUT it was totally different this time. This is Chile and NOT the US. The officer looked in my passport saw the many stamps of my past travels put a stamp in for this entry to Chile and said. “Enjoy your stay in Chile”. I was impressed and very happy. Next step my luggage. I had to wait quite a while and thought that my luggage might not have made it. I was not so much worried about my luggage as I knew I would get it somehow but I was just soooo waiting to see Liz and really did not want to wait for my luggage for ages. After probably 20 minutes (I have no idea if this estimate is accurate) I saw my suitcase and off I went. Totally excited through the exit in to the waiting area. But Liz was not there. I had no SimCard in my phone so again I was nervous. What if she is waiting somewhere different. So many people at the airport. I went through the masses and shouted “Liz, Liz… Liiiiiz” but there was no answer. Only a really friendly Chileno approached me and asked: “Are you looking for your friend”? I said I was. And he said do you have her/his phone number and I said yes also smiling as I did not think of this brilliant idea myself. You can see how nervous / excited I was. He went to a phone box with me and took some of his coins to call “mi amor” and she was surprised that I was early… I finally saw her 20 minutes after the call and was extremely happy. I have been waiting for this moment for such a long time. Of we went for breakfast and….

Anyway later on we went for a walk and I shot the first video I want to share with you: