Dogs at Homecenter Sodimac

Every Time I go to Sodimac Homecenter (DIY superstore) I feel pity for the dogs there. I ask myself if people buy them cause they feel sorry for them and so become part of the problem or if they just don’t give a……

There is a sign which says something a long the lines of: “why am i here? A vet is taking care of me. I am in a controlled environment, get a toy during the day and a blanket at night. Receive very good food and am behind glass so nobody feeds me bad food or touches me. I am here for about 30 days but you could take me home with you.

The dogs cost around 800 USD 600 EUR – if I paid that money for a dog I would want to see where they come from and were they spent their first weeks.

We would have never bought a dog in a hard ware store. If we would have purchased a dog we would have searched for a breeder, spoken to him, inspected how the dogs are kept etc..

However our dog just magically appeared when I was walking on the streets. It was a poor & shy 4 months old German Shepherd – the entire story soon. It helped getting one of the many “perros de la Calle” of the street. Other expats have done the same.

I have never seen dogs offered in a DIY store in Europe as I think (prove me wrong as not sure) that it is not allowed.

Space Firework or Meteor Shower

Cambridge 6th August 2007

OMG – I saw my first Meteoroid yesterday ever and it was HUGE. It left an enormous tail when it entered the atmosphere. My friend and myself sat in my garden watching stars after that and If I would have been on my own I would have thought I have gone crazy. We saw many stars moving in the sky but without the tails. Well with many I mean 3 without tail and 2 with tail.

Of course I did an Internet search first thing this morning to find this recent article describing the events.

Falling Stars - see the article on Wikipedia - click on the Image Please note that this is not a picture of last night. It is a picture from the NASA taken from Wikipedia – click on the picture to get the details.

kijiji – marketing gone wrong


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After I read all the news about kijiji a local free clasified ad site launched by EBay similar to craigslist in the US and many countries I browsed through a few ads only to find a really hilarious one.

A young man is offering computer courses for pensioners (beginner level). The guy is available to call on skype. My thought is that a pensioner browsing on kijiji and using skype does no longer need a basic Computer course 🙂

the original ad can be found here

bicycle lift in Trondheim / Norway and tailwind generator in Copenhagen / Denmark

this is cool :)From Wikipedia:

The Trampe bicycle lift (Norwegian: Sykkelheisen Trampe) is the first, and currently only, bicycle lift in the world. The prototype was built in 1993 in Trondheim, and it is still in service as of 2005. Trampe is a Norwegian verb meaning "to tramp".

A Danish friend told me that there once was a politician in Denmark who wanted to install wind generators to give every cyclist tailwind all the time. Apparently this politician made it in to parliament. I did some web research but did not find the details. Can anyone help out with some interesting links?


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the weather in the UK? – well here in Cambridge it is fantastic

the question I get asked most from my friends is: “How do you cope with the horrible English weather?” I always say the climate is better then back home in Austria. Nobody believes me. Last night I had a BBQ (yes in April) and we spoke about the Cambridge weather. My friends told me that Cambridge is the driest place with the least rain in the UK.

I did some websearch today and it seems to be true: “Cambridge is one of the driest places in UK” I found several references for this but the best site seems to be Cambridge Climate from Cambridge online.

So lets look forward to a warm and sunny summer:



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