Earthquake in Santiago

Just a very short post to tell our friends that we are o.k.

At 3.30 am this morning we were woken by some movement which quickly turned in to the most terrible earthquake me or Liz has ever experienced.

We were shocked since the earthquake did not seem to want to stop. I know you should stand under a strong door beam but we were standing at the window seeing all that was going on outside hearing glas falling down everywhere around us. We tried to walk away from the window but forces were too big. We stayed at the window and thankfully are safe. We left the house from 3.30 to 5.30 and got electricity back around 6 am. Phones still don’t work well but at least we got internet around 10am.

Here is a short video I took;

The good news is we have heard from most of our friends and they are all o.k.  Our thoughts are with the families that were not as lucky.

Maitencillo Cabañas Hermansen

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Liz and myself had a wonderful weekend in Maitencillo which is about 1 hour and 30 minutes North West of Santiago. I will write more details about it later this week / for now enjoy this video 🙂

Almost every other Chilean has an Internet Connection

I just found a nice article about Internet and Wifi usage in Santiago.

Between 6th and 11th October, we went war-driving in Santiago, the capital of Chile, with the aim of collecting data on the city’s wifi networks. Why did we choose Chile? Simple – as the diagram below shows, it’s got the highest Internet connectivity out of all the Latin American countries… “..” almost every other Chilean has an Internet connection..”..”  (Data is taken from , 30th June 2008.

… more …including charts..

The beginning of the article is interesting for everyone and the rest of the article only for readers who know anything about wpa, wep and MAC address filtration. My advice: If all these mentioned words are not known to you get a friend to check your Wirless router settings as you might be at risk.

Horse Riding in Cajón del Maipo

Horse Riding in Cajon Del Maipo

Click on the Image to see more pictures and also see them in full size.

Liz and me spent a wonderful weekend in Cajón del Maipo. Liz was there a few weeks ago on a company trip as an incentive and liked it a lot so we decided to go there. We were heading straight towards Cascadas de las Animas. It is a beautiful place where you can do horse riding, rafting and there is also a pool. We asked if they had a Cabañas (a small bungalow) available for the night but unfortunately they did not. We decided to have lunch there. The place was really nice and lunch was ok. After lunch we spent some time near the river and then dicided to go search for some accomodation. This did not seem to be very easy as this Friday was a bank holiday weekend. After about 1 hour of Cabaña hunting we found a nice place half a mile north of San José de Maipo. The Cabaña was clean and looked newish. We had a small rest and went for dinner in San José de Maipo (a small village). The next day we wanted to go horse riding. We saw a place next to the road, told the man we would like to do some horse riding but we had only done it once before. He gave us two nice looking horses helped us up and said off you go ??? I was scared. I had little control over my horse and jumped off after about 5 minutes. We returned the horses and Liz told the man that it was not for us. We searched for another place and found a nice little farm. We asked if they do guided horse riding and the man was ever so friendly and agreed. 2 guides went with us on a 2 hour horse ride up the mountains. It was fabulous!!! I want to publish the details of the place but at this precise moment cannot find the business card we were given  * see below for the details of the farm / Guides from Caballo de Troja The 2 hour guided horse ride was CLP 40,000 for both me and Liz (50 EUROS) and was well worth the money spent. I really hope we will be able to find the business card since this place was amazing and the guides were so friendly. Cascadas de las Animas was more touristy and would have been more expensive for sure or we would have had to ride in a bigger group. Liz and myself will definately repeat the riding experience.

What is more to say than Life is good!

update: I found the details of the Farm and the Guides: Caballo de Troya Camino al volcan number 29479 San Alfonso Tel.: (0056) 28611915 and the cell phone is: (0056)995395495

Ask for Kiko who was our main Guide


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