Playa Del Carmen a short guide of what to do

Off topic: This post is not about Chile: Tyffanie  mentioned that she would be going to Playa Del Carmen for a honeymoon in June. That is so exciting 🙂 I followed up by email and said I would email her some tips. But I guess it can be interesting for my readers who happen to want to go to Playa so I thought I would do a quick blog post on it. Continue reading “Playa Del Carmen a short guide of what to do”

Playa Del Carmen

Liz and I spent a few days in Playa Del Carmen Mexico at the beginning of 2009. We had been there in July of last year and I loved it. Liz has been there many times. She says the place is growing and too many tourists are coming. I agree….

This is how the beach greeted us on day one. We were shocked!!

BUT despite this welcoming we had an amazing time and really enjoyed Playa. All we needed to do is change the timing. The below picture was taken at 6.45 am. The sun rise was about 6 or so. It was wired we developed a rhythm which kept us away from the crowd even though we were not even trying that hard…